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Busking isn’t a subject that received a lot of attention in literature since the folk revival of the 1960’s. While well over twenty-five volumes on the subject come up in a book search on, most have been written in the past 2-3 years and all after the turn of the century. Many of them are how-to books. Considering that it’s a tradition that harks back to minstrelsy that seems odd.

Sue Peters, a Winnipegger working in the Toronto subway system, contributes her take on the life in this little volume illustrated with both drawings and photographs. Since it began as a series of Facebook entries and updates, the incidents related mainly fall into the types of story which can be classed as: the hardships-of-the-life, the weird-things-that-happen-on-the-streets, aren’t-kids-cute, or the restores-the-author’s-faith-in-human-nature categories. There’s not much here that’s profound or particularly insightful about the job but the stories do have charm and are related in a straightforward, truthful way that make both the author and the book readily accessible to the reader. Peters is a sincere and dedicated musician who tries to get across what she loves about her life and what it’s like on a day-to-day basis and that certainly has value. It’s an entertaining, if light, read, that will give the reader an idea of what it’s like to be in the shoes of a modern busker in a large city.

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Great to be able to hear Sue singing in the Subway - A GREAT BUSKER ......BUT her book "ATTENTION ALL SUBWAY RIDERS - A BUSKER'S EYE VIEW" is a MUST read! So interesting, funny & heart warming, do yourself a favour and buy this great book today. Read all about Sue's antics under the great streets of Toronto, I promise YOU will be glad you is a real treat! I've read it over & over, so enjoyable, I can't wait for book #2! 

You Should'a Been There

The back room of The Free Times Cafe was packed when MC, Andy Frank, kicked the evening off. Good writers are not always entertaining speakers. Rather than the usual dry evening of someone reading their works this was a full performance including stories, songs, and audience participation. Sue’s charming personality, wit and sense of humour had everyone laughing along and sometimes joining in on the banter. She had the audience play the role of one gentleman she met while busking who sang along with her, but only to the word "world" which occurs frequently in the song. The audience loved it. The result was a long lineup of autograph seekers at the end of the performance. I have a feeling that some of her stories may work their way into her and Dwight’s regular performance.

- Small Town Toronto  www.smalltowntoronto (full review)

Sue Peters has moxie, a thick Winnipeg skin she wears proudly in Toronto's cold, underground transit system. That is the winding, twisting venue where Sue plies her musical trade, often performing for a disinterested, disdainful, and distrustful audience. However, the short stories that emerge from the juxtaposition of Sue's upbeat folk songs, brilliant smile, and sweet voice with the antiseptic, harried environment of a big city subway system will surprise and delight you. This book speaks of the mysterious, magical powers of music, its many effects on people of all ages and backgrounds, and how just a second or two of the right note at the right time can brighten one's life.
- Andy Frank, Roots Music Canada


  1. I'm savouring this book bit by bit. It never ceases to make me LOL, and it's just a little happy pill that I turn to for levity. Sue has such a beautiful way of writing, and I love to see this crazy world through her eyes. I'm nearly finished it, and will continue to keep it by my easy chair, so when I need it, I can enjoy another sweet taste.

  2. If one was ever making a list of the top 10 careers for women, I don't think that busking in the subway would crack even the top 100. But reading Sue's book might just change that. It's about more than the music or TTC. It's about the people that we pass in our city every day and seldomly get to meet. Sue's book gives us a glimpse of their warm, heartfelt, humorous and sometimes weird stories. All in a good day's work!